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THK HR918 HR918M linear guide

THK HR918 HR918M linear guide

Original THK brand.

The length of the rail can be customized.

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Product Details

THK HR918 HR918M linear guide.

Separate Model HR.

Balls roll in two rows of raceways precision-ground on an LM rail and an LM block, and endplates incorporated in the LM block allow the balls to circulate. Since retainer plates hold the balls, they do not fall off. Because of the angular contact structure where two rows of balls rolling on the LM rail each contact the raceway at 45°, the same load can be applied in all directions (radial, reverse radial and lateral directions) if a set of LM rails and LM block is mounted on the same plane (i.e., when two LM rails are combined with an LM block on the same plane). Furthermore, since the sectional height is low, a compact and stable linear guide mechanism is achieved. This structure makes clearance adjustment relatively easy, and is highly capable of absorbing a mounting error.

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